The First Time….

A simple poem for young lovers.


A Secret Desire

A sweet romantic poem very close to my heart.

One Fine Day…

"Can I call you?" She rehearsed this line for the umpteenth time in her head. She wanted to speak to him. Let him know how she is feeling. She wanted him to calm her down and she also knew that out of courtesy he would say a yes and then it would be awkward. What could she do? Not that she was shy, but yes, she blushed around him. A lot!!

Somnath- The rickshawaala

.....I was stunned. Who was he? A stranger! However, a stranger who knew humanity. A stranger who knew how to respect a woman. A stranger who knew kindness. I was touched by his gesture....

Food for Thought…!

Many will say that this is only a fictional story, doesn't hold good in today's world and will mock it in every possible way. To me, love is everywhere. You will receive double of what you give.

एक अनोखा दिन….

एक अनोखा दिन.... मौत को ताकते रह गये हम, और जिंदगी को पीछे छोड़ आये उम्मीद का कोई छत नहीं, दिल का रोना गलत नहीं... निकले पड़े हैं अरमानो के साये!   समुंदर के शीतल पानी में जैसे ही तपते पैर भिगोये... और एक अहसास सो गया, जैसे हर आंसू मुरझा गया... खामोश आँखों ने किनारे कर लिए!   (c)ashwininaik

Old and Lonely

"I am waiting in the office of the insurance company for the last 1 hour to renew my policy. The receptionist smiled and so did the clerk. They inquired about my family and I reciprocated. The head clerk is also looking at me but because of his pride although his lips are twitching, he is suppressing his smile. I feel no obligation to wish him. I look down on the floor and wait for my turn."

A stranger from my past…

Yesterday, when I was in the market shopping for groceries, I saw a short dark man staring at me. Normally I don't pay heed to such people but he kept following me from one vendor to another. I clenched my purse tight as I thought he may want the money and kept moving in the crowd. Once I was out of the main market, I looked around to see whether that man was in sight and felt relieved that he was not there.

Do not Judge….

I remember.... I studied in a girl's convent school for 9 years. My school had a beautiful backyard. There were steps there and you could sit there staring at the blend of blue skies and the Dona Paula sea without blinking. Being an adventurous soul I had explored most of such places and I was proud of the fact that many did not know about such spots. I was everybody's friend and a loner at the same time so I spent my solitude on those steps behind my school either dreaming or writing or reading.

That scary night….

‘Trrrring…Trrring….’ I heard the phone ringing. I sat up in the bed and looked around. It was still dark. I checked the watch. 2:53 am. My heart skipped a beat. Who would be calling me at this time? I threw my blanket away and slowly got out of the bed. Anuj was snoring. Thank god! I went near the study table and picked up the phone. “Hari Om… who is this?” my voice was tetchy and I could feel it myself.


I sat for a long time holding my childhood photograph in my hand. I stared hard at the innocent face. Tears started gathering in my eyes. I just wanted that child to hug me, and give me an assurance that everything will be all right and that we will win this battle. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to face the same friendly face.

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