Dream Personified

This is a fictional story written by me because I wanted to scribble something. It is not my story….
I sat watching the sunset for a long time. Could not take my eyes away. The beautiful golden sun slowly turned orange and suddenly there was a spurge of beautiful colours in the blue sky. The colours were vivid and lovely. I smiled looking at the combination of orange and grey clouds. It reminded me of my saree that I had worn for my wedding. Sameer had chosen it himself. I did not like the combination but I still remember the gleam in his eyes, when I walked to the mandap towards my seat. His face had lit up like the morning sun and my cheeks had turned red like this setting sun. 

I guess thinking about the wedding day and the setting sun had taken me to a different world all together and I was brought back to the reality with a sudden grasp of my hand. Sameer was holding my hand and was fiddling with my wedding ring. I looked at him and he looked back. I moved an inch closer and slowly leaned on his chest. He put his right arm around me. We stared at the beautiful red sun dissapearing behind his watery abode. 

Sameer got up and gave me his hand. Holding it I got up from our seat. We smiled and walked towards our car. Sameer got into the car and turned the ignition on. We exited Kala Academy and while we were taking a left.. a  bus speeding from the right dashed us hard…. Our car hit a tree nearby. I survived bacuase I had fastened the seat belt but Sameer had not. His skull cracked and blood started flowing out. His head tilted and in his last moments I felt he was looking at me the same way he was during the wedding. I screamed and scremed…

… and I got up screaming… like I always did….. The nurse came running in and gave me some injection like she always did…. I felt drowsy and I slept only to see the same horrific reality in my dream…..every night!!

(C) ashwini naik


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