She inspired me…

How wonderful it is to hear the words “YOU INSPIRE ME”…Isn’t it? It is not everyday that someone will motivate you to be better. I never admire celebrities unless they have done something for the humanity. Akshay Kumar and Nana Patekar are definitely an inspiration, but apart from them, I don’t think any other film celebrity has had a positive impression on me. 

Yesterday, I went to have a haircut. Olga Pinto, a beautician who runs KAREN’S beauty Parlour at St. Inez, is someone I prefer over all the others. It was late in the evening when I reached her parlour. I parked my car and as I was hurrying towards her parlour, I stopped and noticed that Olga was outside her parlour, and she was bending over something. I rushed to her hoping everything was alright. I was stunned to see that Olga was serving food on a paper to two kittens, two dogs and three cats. She was totally engrossed in her work but when she noticed me, she stopped and welcomed me inside her parlour. 

As I took the hot seat to butcher my long tresses, I got into a conversation with her and inquired about her routine. Olga was elated. She pointed at a big fat bag kept on a seat in the corner of her shop and told me that it contains food for the strays. She also told me that she cooks this food for them and they are not leftovers. I was totally appalled. I asked her whether it was a nuisance for her or the neighbours? She smiled and shook her head. She said she feels happy to serve the strays. It gives her a satisfaction which is beyond words. 

She told me her routine in detail. Besides her parlour routine, most of her time is spent in cooking for the strays and she distributes the food wherever she finds them. She feels sad because people ignore them. She emphatically added that people do not think twice before wasting food and do not feel the slightest remorse to throw the food away in the dustbin. In her opinion, she added, that serving food to the strays may require time and efforts but in today’s world, people do not have time to even serve water to the strays. They feel hungry and thirsty too and they cannot voice out their misery. She added that she has urged people to leave wasted food in a paper bag and to leave it on the street, away from their home if they fear unwanted attention. Some stray will definitely eat it and if it is not devoured then some birds will feast on it the next day. 

This chat continued for a while. I felt proud of her. Here is a woman, sacrificing so much for animals, who definitely is an inspiration to many. Yes, Olga has inspired me. I decided that I will not waste food henceforth. I will give it away to the needy and strays. I have kept a bowl on my terrace with clean water for the birds and I will make water available to the strays. 

I hope, I sincerely hope, that Olga inspires everyone the way she has inspired me. Please do not criticise her efforts. It takes guts and tremendous mental strength to stand up to a society who is ever ready to criticise noble efforts. If possible, let us eat the harsh words and serve good food to the needy. Remember….someone somewhere, will notice your good deeds and also you will feel peaceful and relaxed. Try it…

(c) ashwininaik


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