I was already late. I literally had to push through people to reach my platform and simultaneously keep an eye on the coolie so that he does not disappear with my luggage. As I reached platform number Seven at Hazrat Nizzamuddin station – New Delhi, I heaved a sigh of relief. My train was still... Continue Reading →



"Oh Damn......" She said as she dropped the file. The papers scattered all over the place. She looked helpless as she looked around hoping someone would come to help her. The corridor was totally empty. No one was in sight. The heat made her sweat. "Now what? Run and pick up the papers moron" her... Continue Reading →


​Those dark clouds devoured the crisp morning sky. I stood in the balcony, sipping my coffee, watching the entire process. I loved the way the entire atmosphere changed in the matter of seconds. I always found this weather romantic... 

Dream Personified

I sat watching the sunset for a long time. Could not take my eyes away. The beautiful golden sun slowly turned orange and suddenly there was a spurge of beautiful colours in the blue sky...

Moon and river…

One of my favourite spots in panaji is the backside of indoor stadium from where I can watch the beautiful and serene Mandovi River. I don't mind coming here at any time of the day or night. I remember......

Relief and Release

​He always called her a hypocrite. A big FAT hypocrite. Whenever she held his hand and whispered 'I LOVE YOU', he would remove his hand, smirk and say, "I know you are lying." Maybe he did not hear it, but her heart would shatter into thousand pieces.

The Promise…

She swayed back and forth in her rockingchair, with her eyes closed. She loved listening to the old songs for the simple reason that it was associated with some happy times. She always said "One song and so many memories". Her lips, although sealed, gave away a faint smile. All that she knew at this moment was that she missed him... terribly!

All that matters….

Anish handed me an artificial velvet rose. I accepted. He then gave me a box of chocolates. I accepted those too. He bent down on his right knee. I waited. He took my left hand in his right hand and whispered "I love You Neetu. Will you marry me?"

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